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Learn 2.0 For Net Generation

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Welcome to New Learning Playbook—a blog tracking innovations and trends in learning among corporations, universities and government agencies. The blog features case studies, interviews, links to resources in the field and more.
The first series of posts will focus on how learning is being redefined for the Net Generation, those individuals born between 1980 and 1994 […]

Don Tapscott’s “Wikinomics”

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The age of the Net Generation (people born between 1977 and 1996) is defined by rampant online social interaction, rooted in individuals desire to be able to interact with one another immediately, any time (24/7), any place.
Websites like and MySpace represent examples of websites that keep users updated, informed and in constant […]

Open Source Innovation For CLOs

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Open source innovation creates a Linux style approach to involving employees, customers and outside experts in the creation of new products and services. Fast forward to the world of corporate learning and ask yourself: Are you involving your learners so that they can contribute their input to enhance your organization’s learning offerings?
Think about the […]

Wikinomics and Corporate Learning

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The idea that people who use products should have input into their design is not entirely new. There have been many episodes of user-driven creativity in the history of invention, which scholars such as MIT professor Eric Von Hippel have shown through their research.
As Don Tapscott points out in his book, Wikinomics , steam engine […]

Open Source Innovation

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One of the most powerful concepts to be explored at the recent World Economic Forum is “open source innovation.” This refers to the creation of a Linux style innovation engine where practitioners, not just subject matter experts, play a leading role in creating the end product.
There are many examples from the consumer world of open […]

New Employee Orientation at Sun Using Web 2.0

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Sun Learning Uses Web 2.0 For New Hires
Sun Microsystems is a global company with 34,000 employees. Half of these employees work away from the office, so finding an easy and comfortable way to orient new hires is a high priority.

Karie Willyerd, Sun Learning CLO, took on the challenge of creating a network that would allow […]

Experimenting with Web 2.0 For Learning

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Clearly we will be left behind as learning professionals if we rely solely on a linear production model of instructional design. Recently I spoke with Karie Willyerd, VP and Chief Learning Officer at Sun Learning Services, about what she is doing to enourage her staff to use use Web 2.0 regularly. Karie has some suggestions […]

YouTube Changes Higher Education: Will It Also Change Corporate Learning?

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YouTube has become an important teaching tool. In fact University of California at Berkeley follows MIT in posting entire course lectures on the Web’s No.1 video-sharing site.
It all started in 2001, when a number of high profile web-based educational projects were “exploring new models of learning.” These higher education experiments included NYU Online, Fathom, […]

How Will Outsourcing Change the CLO’s Role?

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Published August 2004
What does the increasing move toward outsourcing mean for CLOs? What skills and new responsibilities will be necessary for success? What will be the new measures of success?
First, CLOs will increasingly need to focus on the “business of learning.” The 2004 Accenture Learning Survey of 285 enterprise learning organizations found that CLOs are […]

Web 2.0 For Learning

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Working professionals are beginning to realize that they must be in charge of their own personal development. Traditional courses, offered through a corporate university or an accredited college, are becoming out-of-date at record speed. What is needed intead is a new approach to learning–one that focuses on using Web 2.0 to continuously build one’s profile […]

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