Web 2.0 For Learning

» Posted by Jeanne Meister  » Posted on 01.03.08

Working professionals are beginning to realize that they must be in charge of their own personal development. Traditional courses, offered through a corporate university or an accredited college, are becoming out-of-date at record speed. What is needed intead is a new approach to learning–one that focuses on using Web 2.0 to continuously build one’s profile of competencies.

Web 2.0 refers to the Web as a platform to publish and create new content. The web has gone beyond static pages to a dynamic mix of creativity and fun where users generate much of the content. This has resulted in a major cultural phenomenon, indicated in part by the fact that, according to Technorati, the number of blogs has doubled every six months for the last three years. There are now over 70 million blogs.

As learning professionals we have to determine what we can we do to use Web 2.0 as a vehicle for engaging everyone in the organization.

Well, here are some “to-do’s” you can suggest to your team as a way of becoming Web 2.0 savvy:

  • Create a channel on your Intranet site for learners to “rate” their courses, just like Amazon does for books.
  • Sign up for news feeds so you can keep track of what consumers are saying about your products and your company.
  • Interview a consumer on what it means to be do business with your firm, then consider editing this into a five-minute podcast.

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