Open Source Innovation For CLOs

» Posted by Jeanne Meister  » Posted on 01.24.08

Open source innovation creates a Linux style approach to involving employees, customers and outside experts in the creation of new products and services. Fast forward to the world of corporate learning and ask yourself: Are you involving your learners so that they can contribute their input to enhance your organization’s learning offerings?

Think about the many ways to involve both the learners and your learning staff. Sun Microsystems CLO Karie Willyerd has suggested a number of ways to use open source innovation in learning, like creating wiki sites for your learning department in multiple areas. Here are some of her great examples:

1) A course design site. Give the URL to subject matter experts and let them start unleashing their power, which includes allowing them to edit online in real time.

2) A learning terms site – for use by those interacting with the learning function. So many of us tend to use training jargon, so this will be a great benefit for interacting with business leaders and important collaborators.

3) A wiki devoted to your learning organization’s vision and goals. Remember those long sessions in the conference room devoted to coming up with the optimal vision statement? This can now all happen online through this site. You can generate input from contributors across the organization, edit immediately and seek feedback just as fast.

4) An acronym site, for the most frequently used terms within your company. Instead of having to update that dusty New Employee Manual the old way, it can happen online.

5) A course wiki for use by learners that includes regular updates of all the common terms and concepts. Perhaps most important of all, thogh, is to allow learners to easily add content and then instruct them in how to tag this content so it is easily located by everyone.

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