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Employers Using Twitter For Recruiting

» Posted by Jeanne Meister  » Posted on 06|22|o  » 17 Comments

I have been using Twitter and just like you fascinated at how Twitter has been a leading forum in reporting the situation in Iran. The US State Department themselves requested Twitter delay scheduled maintenance to avoid disrupting communications among and reporting from Iranian citizens as they gathered in protest.
Twitter has become an unexpectedly powerful […]

Twitter More Important Than LinkedIn, According To Survey

» Posted by Jeanne Meister  » Posted on 06|03|o  » 6 Comments

A recent poll on LinkedIn asked users a simple question: “What is the most important new platform for brands to master? Twitter, Facebook, the iPhone, Digg, or LinkedIn?”
The results may not be what you’d expect. Even though the poll was performed on LinkedIn, with more than 3,600 respondents so far, Twitter was deemed the most […]

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