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Are You A Member of the Threshold Generation?

» Posted by Jeanne Meister  » Posted on 07|28|o  » 13 Comments

I came across an interesting research report I want to share with all of you. According to Pew Research, just over half of all working adults ages 50 to 64 say they may delay their retirement – but here is the surprise: another 16% say they never expect to stop working.
See box below:

Pew calls these […]

The “Social” Behind Social Learning

» Posted by Jeanne Meister  » Posted on 07|23|o  » 0 Comments

Currently there is a stream of interest and activity about social learning—with much of the focus on the power of social learning to drive innovation in the enterprise by accessing a host of new technologies, tools and social software.
But the engine behind using social media for corporate learning requires the participation of people to […]

Corporate Social Networking: What Is Role Of HR & Learning?

» Posted by Jeanne Meister  » Posted on 07|07|o  » 5 Comments

It’s no surprise that corporations have a love/hate relationship with the use of social media inside the company. As Business Week reminds us in recent article, there is reason for the tension inside companies on how they should handle usage of social media.
On the one hand, Millennials have social networking in their DNA, and are […]

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