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Twenty Web 2.0 Apps for Learning

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Pecha Kucha HHL09 Web 2.0 Apps

View more presentations from James Clay.

James Clay had an excellent Pecha Kucha presentation recently talking about Twenty Web 2.0 Apps for Learning. If you have not already experienced Pecha Kucha, it was developed a few years ago in Tokyo and means “Chit Chat.” Essentially you give 20 slides in 20 […]

Can Your Team Impersonate You? …& Other Lessons From World Business Forum

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The World Business Forum was in New York City last week and one of the most entertaining and thought-provoking speakers included Patrick Lencioni, management consultant and author of Five Dysfunctions Of A Team.
As reported in the Wall Street Journal, Lencioni, shared his insights in a presentation pegged to his “Five Dysfunctions of a Team” […]

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