Twenty Web 2.0 Apps for Learning

» Posted by Jeanne Meister  » Posted on 10.22.09

James Clay had an excellent Pecha Kucha presentation recently talking about Twenty Web 2.0 Apps for Learning. If you have not already experienced Pecha Kucha, it was developed a few years ago in Tokyo and means “Chit Chat.” Essentially you give 20 slides in 20 seconds–think of it as a high speed journey on a topic. The presentation above uses it for giving a glossary of social media terms you may not be aware of.
I took the liberty of defining all the terms below. Let me know if you are using this in your presentations and what your experience has been.

  • Flickr Image and video sharing website.
  • Twitter A microblogging service where users communicate in short messages called “tweets” that are limited to 140 characters. As of September, 2009, Twitter raised an additional $50,000 from investors, and is valued at $1 Billion.
  • Etherpad A free online live collaboration site that enables simultaneous writing.
  • Screenr Instant screencasts for Twitter.
  • Posterous Allows for posting video, music, photo galleries, and documents to Twitter.
  • Audioboo An audio blogging application that is available free of charge.
  • Evernote An application that lets you create notes, snap photos, and record voice memos that can be accessed at any time.
  • Shozu A mobile social media platform enabling fast, easy, two-way exchange of photos, videos and other multimedia content.
  • Google Apps Access to all of Google’s suite of tools.
  • Ustream Live video streaming.
  • Prezi Allows for creating zooming presentations offline.
  • Slideshare Sharing application for presentations.
  • Ning An online service to create, customize, and share a social network.
  • Delicious Popular social bookmarking site.
  • Wordpress A website providing an online service where users create and customize their own blogs, free of charge.
  • QikA mobile utility that enables anyone to share live video from their mobile phones.
  • Friendfeed Social media feed aggregator. Friendfeed allows users to aggregate services such as Twitter, Flickr, and personal blog posts on one platform. Users subscribe to each other’s feeds and comment on posted content.
  • Remember the Milk Online to do list and task management.
  • YouTube Video sharing website where users upload, view and share video clips. Content ranges from movie clips, TV clips, and user-generated content.

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