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Exploring Innovations in Learning, with Jeanne C Meister’s New Learning Playbook™ is a blog tracking innovations and trends in corporate learning and talent management among corporations, universities and government agencies. New Learning Playbook is targeted to a diverse community of chief human resource officers, senior learning and development officers, human capital officers, chief talent officers, as well as senior executives who are exploring usage of the latest tools and technologies in learning to address business issues such as, attraction and retention of talent as well as development of high potential Net Generation managers.

The New Learning Playbook blog will examine innovations in building social networks, using digital media technologies such as weblogs, RSS, podcasting, vodcasting and wikis as well as integrating the latest methods of “action” learning and “metaphorical” learning in the “playbook” of attracting, developing and retaining Net Generation talent.

New Learning Playbook includes:

Blog: The vehicle to dig deep into issues, pose questions, interview important minds and showcase the collective knowledge of our readers.

Network: Learning Innovation Network™ brings together a diverse community of corporate, government and non-profit global officers of learning, talent management, human capital officers as well as innovation specialists in universities. This community will work together to expand the boundaries of learning and incorporate the latest social media technologies and collaborative learning environments into the design of learning programs in order to attract, develop and retain best of breed Net Generation talent.

About Jeanne C Meister
Jeanne C Meister is an internationally recognized leader in creating innovations in the operation and management of an enterprise learning function. Jeanne’s name is synonymous with the establishment and institutionalization of global corporate universities and customer education programs among FORTUNE 1000 firms and agencies of the federal government. Jeanne is skilled working at top executive levels as a leading edge thinker, researcher and author. She has written two books on corporate universities which have helped to accelerate the corporate university movement globally. Most recently, Jeanne was nominated to receive “the top 20 most influential training professional” by Training Industry, she was nominated and selected by her peers for her exceptional contribution to the growth in the training industry.

She is often called upon to be an executive coach working with Chief Learning Officers and Presidents of for-profit universities in their quest to create high performing learning organizations.

Jeanne has written for such publications as; Chronicle of Higher Education, CLO Magazine, Financial Times, HR Executive and Workforce Magazine.

Jeanne is also a highly sought after keynote speaker at business conferences, corporate university meetings and industry symposia worldwide. Her current passion is speaking on innovations used by corporations and universities to attract, motivate and retain the Net Generation.

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