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An Opportunity Network For CLO’s

The CLO Innovation Network™ is an ecosystem of innovative Chief Learning Officers and select companies who are re-thinking, re-inventing, and re-imagining the role of corporate learning and talent management in the enterprise. The CLO Innovation Network is an invitation only community of leading edge practitioners, many of whom are part of the upcoming book, entitled The 2020 Workplace, authored by Jeanne C. Meister and Karie Willyerd and in publication 2010. The book and the network explore a range of innovations that are re-defining the world of work, from creating internal corporate social networks to developing learning on wearable devices to launching e-coaching and reverse mentoring. These innovations are giving organizations a competitive advantage in sourcing, developing and engaging employees.

Vision of CLO Innovation Network

The vision of the CLO Innovation Network is to advance the Human Resources and Learning professions through peer-to-peer learning, commissioning new research, sharing usage about the latest tools and social technologies and networking visits with next generation enterprises.

CLO Innovation Network brings together a cross section of leading thinkers, Chief Learning Officers, Chief Talent Officers, representatives from foundations, venture capitalists and leading academics to debate, share best practices and access content and tools on using social media for the learning and HR department.

The CLO Innovation Network is committed to conducting proprietary research to prepare Learning leaders and their organizations for developing and engaging talent in the 2020 workplace.

Here are the details for our next event:

Subject: Social Learning: The Intersection of Technology and Workplace
Date: November 16-17, 2009
Location: Workspring
  12 East Ohio Street Suite 300
  Chicago, IL

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